Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I started with two of these chairs ~ twins, so to speak.

A somewhat unusual chair.  It may officially be
 a Parson's chair, but since it is shorter than usual,
I call it a chaise chair because if it 
was just a wee bit longer, you could lounge on it
(please excuse the background of my dirty garage).
Over the weekend I reupholstered the second chair to take
 to Market Day on Saturday to sell.
It was a long process of tearing the chair down pulling
countless tacks and bloody knuckles.  

Then I added some extra batting to make it a little more comfy.

Using the old pieces of fabric I took off the chair for patterns,
I replaced one piece at a time and it slowly takes on a whole new look.

Next, on goes the back, which is the hardest part for me 
and the trickiest.

Then comes the cording and bottom piece.

Last of all I attached a pleated skirt, covered the 
bottom of the chair, and reattached the feet.
A finished product with an accompanying pillow.
Sorry for the change in color.  This picture was taken 
after dark with no natural light.

For the second chair, I chose a fabric from the
Christie Brinkley Coral Reef Collection, "Kiera Garden".

And now for the twin sister reveal.

Twin chairs at the beginning with two totally
different looks at the end.  I hope that some
mother falls in love with them and takes them home
for her daughter's room.  
 I don't know too much about the past of these
chairs except that they were purchased from a dealer 
in California and I got them at
a nearby yard sale.  They came a long ways together, but
soon their paths will take separate routes.  Makes
me a little sad, but where ever they go, hopefully they 
will make a little girl very happy.


Home Where Your Story Begins said...

They are absolutely stunning! I know they will be sold in a heartbeat. I bet you have been running on empty. As it goes now I am hoping to go with you on Friday. I will call you tomorrow after work and we can finalize plans. It sounds like so much fun.

maría cecilia said...

Hola, really love what you did with those chairs, they match perfectly and are soooo lovely!!!
greetings from Chile,
maria cecilia

Rebecca said...

Hi, Cindy. I saw these chairs at the market today and as I adored them, the floral one was sold -- to a young girl, just like you wished! I can't wait to see what else you have in store.

Sue said...

Cindy, Saw your comment to Julie and Shannon on their Gathered Comforts blog and discovered you are from Ohio. Welcome to blogging from another Buckeye Blogger! You did a nice job refurbishing these chairs, glad you sold one of them.
I was at the Extravaganza, as well. I found exactly what I went there looking for, so I was quite happy. I'm looking forward to the spring show because I'm hoping to buy more seltzer bottles and wrapped wine jugs from the vendor I found, since his prices were really good.
We're trying to get some bloggers together for a little outing before the holidays. If you're interested and would like to meet a few, let me know. We are a friendly bunch! You may have seen Nostalgia's Cottage at S'field- Kathy is an avid collector. I've bought some fun things from her. There are several more in the Columbus area and most hail from the Dayton area. We will probably meet in Tipp City.
Stop by for a visit if you'd like. ~ Sue

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