Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New Girls

New girls are here! 
I tragically lost the last of my two chickens last October and after mourning them all winter, I took the plunge and got six new chicks last week.
This time I purchased three different hardier breeds and hopefully healthier.  
They are so sweet and soft, and just what I needed to help me get through these last dreary weeks of winter and endless snow.
I'm still picking out names for them, but I'm thinking Bitsy for the small brown Speckled Sussex and Betty for her sister.
Then for the Golden Comets, I think I'll go with Marigold and Merry Sunshine, which will probably end up as Goldie and Merry.  And lastly, for the Buff Orphingtons, they will be Sybil (Sibby) and Annie.  Did you notice that two of them are named after the children in Downton Abbey?
That is Betty standing so watchful and tall.  I think she looks like a meerkat in this picture.
Here's to hoping they bring a bit of spring to your day!
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