Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fantastic Furniture

I wanted to show you some furniture done by my friend Nancy Young
who is a vendor at the same store where I place my furniture.
Nancy does the most unique makeovers and in my opinion is a painting genius.  I
am always in awe of her "out of the box" thinking when she paints a piece.
First I want to show you a simple pine table that I bought at a yard sale
a few weeks ago.  It just sat in my garage because I had no vision for it.
Nancy came along and took it off my hands, for which I was most
grateful because it was blocking me from getting my lawn mower out of the garage.
I don't have a before picture, but here is what Nancy did with it.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have envisioned this simple
pine table to have such a fantastic makeover which such pizazz.
Here is it coupled with some classy French chairs.  Don't they
make the perfect couple?

The pictures don't do the table justice ~ you have to see it in person.
Here is a close-up.

Here is the rest of her space.  She finds the most unique pieces.

And then there is this fantastic accent piece that although quite small,
it really commands attention.

Isn't she sweet?

A special thank you to Mary at Boogieboard Cottage for featuring my
vintage writing desk at Masterpiece Monday.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sweet and Simple

A short post just to share a summer vignette in my living
room comprised of a couple of my favorite things ~ bees and
I found these bee prints earlier this summer and fell in love
with them immediately.

I love these prints, although the darker bee looks like those mean
bees that come out in the fall and hover around your food.  I wish
they had made this set with a bumble bee instead.

I found these sunflowers at Michael's earlier this spring, and waited 
patiently for them to go on sale because they were quite pricey, but worth
every penny.

And this beautiful leaf plate I found at the store where I sell my furniture.  
I loved it at first sight and the store owner surprised me by giving
it to me for helping set up displays at the store.  I was so happy to
add this lovely piece to my collection.

And so these favorite things make up my lovely summer vignette in 
the corner of my living room.

I find myself keep coming back to this corner for the pleasure it
gives me.  It is currently the only part of my house that is
sweet and simple ~ the rest of it is in utter chaos, overflowing
with boxes and furniture.  This is my little corner of sanity.

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Old Writing Desk

I found this old writing desk at a yard sale when visiting a friend in Cleveland.
It is a sweet little desk, very old and very charming.  I'm not sure I
did it justice because the paint job did not come out as nicely as I would
have liked.  But before we get to the painted pictures, here are the before pictures.

This piece has lovely detail work.

Now for the after pictures.  I painted the piece black and although it
distressed very nicely, the black paint sanded out very splotchy and
uneven.  No amount of effort seemed to resolve this problem and left
me very frustrated.  Does anyone have any secrets for working with
black paint?  The paint seems to go on okay, it's just when you start sanding
or distressing it that I run into trouble.

Here it is on display at the store.

This picture shows the unevenness of the paint and under these bright lights
it shows up even more than it did in my home.

I'm hoping that someone interested in the piece might think that the
unevenness of the finish adds to the oldness of the piece.  One can only hope.

Here is how I finished the inside.  I wasn't about to paint all those
little cubbies, so I left them natural for contrast.

Now this is my favorite picture ~ how I wished the whole piece looked.

I would truly love to hear if anyone has ideas of helpful tips on distressing black paint.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Strawberry Time

It seems to me this year the strawberries have been particularly
sweet and very reasonably priced, especially considering how
much other grocery prices have increased.  I know I have
enjoyed them every morning on my cereal this summer and
sometimes even on my ice cream on a hot summer night.
So my tablescape today centers around a beautiful strawberry
tablecloth I found at a yard sale this spring.  It is a generous tablecloth
at 60 x 78" and the owner told me she got it in England.

The strawberries are appliqued on, and each square is joined by
delicate tatting.  It is really a beauty ~ the essence of summer.
I wanted to do at least one tablescape with it before I take it off
to the store for resale, but even now as I look at it's delicate
details, I am tempted to keep it.  It's only me and my daughter,
and she is moving away, so it seems rather selfish to keep it when
others could be enjoying it.  It's one of those treasures you
rarely come across. 
I forgot to get flowers for a centerpiece, but when I went to
put it on the table, I found that it didn't need one because of the 
strawberries down the center of the table.  Can you believe I've 
had it for several months and this is the first time I've opened it?


I set my table with red dinner plates from Kmart's Country Living Collection
and the desert plates are from Sweet Olive Designs, the Fancy
Scroll Collection.  The little desert cups are simple glass votives that
I found at a flea market several years ago.

A few weeks ago, this lady had a second yard sale and I was able 
to acquire six napkins that match the tablecloth.

And look at the beautiful sides of this tablecloth.

 This tablecloth is in excellent condition with no stains which is
surprising considering she used it with her collection of
Wedgewood Strawberry dishes.  I was afraid I'd get something on it
just setting this tablescape.  I think I'd be so nervous serving a meal
on it, that I wouldn't be able to enjoy the food or company.  I think 
I just made my decision to take it to the store to sell.  I know 
someone will love and cherish it.

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