Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Strawberry Time

It seems to me this year the strawberries have been particularly
sweet and very reasonably priced, especially considering how
much other grocery prices have increased.  I know I have
enjoyed them every morning on my cereal this summer and
sometimes even on my ice cream on a hot summer night.
So my tablescape today centers around a beautiful strawberry
tablecloth I found at a yard sale this spring.  It is a generous tablecloth
at 60 x 78" and the owner told me she got it in England.

The strawberries are appliqued on, and each square is joined by
delicate tatting.  It is really a beauty ~ the essence of summer.
I wanted to do at least one tablescape with it before I take it off
to the store for resale, but even now as I look at it's delicate
details, I am tempted to keep it.  It's only me and my daughter,
and she is moving away, so it seems rather selfish to keep it when
others could be enjoying it.  It's one of those treasures you
rarely come across. 
I forgot to get flowers for a centerpiece, but when I went to
put it on the table, I found that it didn't need one because of the 
strawberries down the center of the table.  Can you believe I've 
had it for several months and this is the first time I've opened it?


I set my table with red dinner plates from Kmart's Country Living Collection
and the desert plates are from Sweet Olive Designs, the Fancy
Scroll Collection.  The little desert cups are simple glass votives that
I found at a flea market several years ago.

A few weeks ago, this lady had a second yard sale and I was able 
to acquire six napkins that match the tablecloth.

And look at the beautiful sides of this tablecloth.

 This tablecloth is in excellent condition with no stains which is
surprising considering she used it with her collection of
Wedgewood Strawberry dishes.  I was afraid I'd get something on it
just setting this tablescape.  I think I'd be so nervous serving a meal
on it, that I wouldn't be able to enjoy the food or company.  I think 
I just made my decision to take it to the store to sell.  I know 
someone will love and cherish it.

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Ginny said...

Love it, but not in agreement with you. Treat yourself!! You deserve it! And use, and enjoy it!

Debbie said...

I have always wanted to do a strawberry themed table, but I don't have a single thing to use. I just love your linens. I also all of the dishes in the place setting, especially those dessert dishes. This was such a pretty and refreshing table!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh what beautiful strawberries on your table. I LOVE your table linens. They're gorgeous!

we three dogs and me said...

What a beautiful tablecloth. Ilove the red and white dishes I also love strawberies. yum yum

La said...

Hi Cindy!

Your table looks amazing. I agree; the strawberries have been delicious this year. It's too bad we haven't had many hot summer nights. :o)

our daily dishes said...

very sweet tablecloth~

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

Just beautiful! I see why you are so tempted to keep this lovely linen. Maybe you could keep it for awhile, then sell it at a later date. That way, you could enjoy now and someone else could down the road. ;)

Thanks for linking to the party. It's nice to have you join me again.

Liz @ the Bambleberry Cottage

Jadehollow said...

What a Sweet table .. love it! Gotta have those dessert plates! Thanks for sharing :)

Cindy said...

What a beautiful tablecloth, with matching napkins. Love them!

Queenie said...

Your table looks so that tablecloth...perfect for these warm summer just screams summer time to me and it looks so cheerful too :)
Big hugs,

Marlis said...

A gorgeous tablecloth indeed. I love the applique strawberries and the crocheted inserts. Lucky person who buys it! Your red and and white dishes are perfect.. Keep the cloth and napkins..
xo marlis


Absolutelly gorgeous! The tablecloth is beautiful with all the strawberries and the plates in white and red are so lovely, each one of them. Don't sell the tablecloth, or napkins, please...if I was close I would buy it!! Hugs,

SavannahGranny said...

Every thing about this table is awesome. I have to go to K mart. I am in love with the linens. I am drooling as I write. Hugs,Ginger

SavannahGranny said...

Hi, I was so excited I forgot to ask you to come over and sign up for my giveaway. Hugs, Ginger

Alycia Nichols said...

This table truly says summer!!! Nothing like sweet and juicy red strawberries!!! The heat outdoors is no match for how this table cools the senses...and makes me hungry for strawberries!

Karin Şen Cankan said...

Love it, I could eat your strawberries and your table clothe too.

Lovely setting.

Thank you for sharing.

Karin Şen Cankan

Anonymous said...

The tablecloth is really pretty. How cool that you could pick up the matching napkins at the next sale!

The Sweet Olive Degigns dessert plate is just gorgeous!

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