Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh my goodness - I discovered Goodwill!

To say I didn't know about Goodwill would be a lie.  
I have been there once or twice in my lifetime.  The last
time I was there, 3 or 4 years ago looking for
furniture to refinish, they had nothing but junk that
I would not take home for free.  And so,
I never went back.  My mom recently recommended I look
for furniture there, but I blew off her advice.  Today
while visiting numerous new blog sites, there was 
the reoccurring theme of the good deals people
were getting at Goodwill.  So, I looked them up in the
phone book and found two stores nearby.  One, I visited on the bus 
ride home.  I had to go back with my car since I couldn't carry 
everything with me on the bus.  Mostly the furniture I
saw was in bad shape or very overpriced, or both.
What I did get, was some dishes for myself.  Here is what
I brought home all for around $14.
These are the four soup bowls I found, so pretty in fall colors.
I thought they'd look especially nice with Chili or Sausage 
Tortellini Soup in them.
There was only one of each of these, but there is only one
of me and I live alone, so that works.
There were four of these green plates and I love the little
vase.  It was the only thing I bought that was over $.59.
I only purchased two of the raspberry plates, but they had two 
more which I will probably stop back and get tomorrow.
There were two of each of these plates, so I could serve my daughter
or a friend for dinner.  I love dishes with bumps on them.
I wasn't able to get any real sets, but over time, I know I
will acquire enough to mix and match and hopefully soon I'll be able to
participate in the Thursday Tablescapes hosted by
Between Naps on the Porch.  I can hardly wait!
Last, but not least, I bought these little fellows.  
They were 5 for $1.00.
I thought they'd make great toys for Moby, my grand puppy,
when he comes to visit. He's a miniature dachshund and he loves
stuffed animals.  At that price, it's no big deal if he tears them up,
which is what he loves to do most.
I'm afraid I will probably be frequenting Goodwill quite 
often now, especially since one of the clerks filled 
me in on the details of the best times to shop.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Market Day

Market Day has now come and gone.  It has been a long time
since I was a vendor at an outdoor show and I forgot how 
exhilarating and exhausting it can be all at the same time.
The good news is I sold many of my lovely treasures and 
they all found loving new homes.
The first piece to sell was the dark wood cane chair that was also
my first day, first blog and finally finished blogs. 
One of my favorite pieces, a picture I found at a yard sale is
going to a wonderful home in Missouri.  

Everything on this piece is new except the picture and the frame.
The matting, hardware and even the glass (which I 
accidentally broke) had to be replaced.  Gale, the lovely
lady who bought it is going to hang it in her lake
house in Missouri.  Gale was here in town for the Country
Living Fair, as were several of my other customers.  It
was so kind of their hotel to refer customers on down to our
fair, which didn't have an admission or parking fee.  Gale also
purchased my darling white cedar chest, which will be 
traveling back with her.

What follows are more pictures of our booth.  My sister, Lynette,
did all the beautiful paintings and boiled wool purses.

This little gourd topiary was also one of my favorite things
and I was thinking I would get to bring it home to set
on my mantel, but a lady snatched it up right at
the last minute.

This is a cute arrangement I made just using an old rusty
muffin tin I found at a flea market and adding some moss and
precious little pumpkins and gourds.

Here are the twins displayed amidst other pretty things.

I'm sad to say, only the pink paisley twin found a loving home
with a little girl.  The green chair came home with me.

All in all, it was a very good day.  Now I can relax a little and
catch up with my own home and garden.
Unfortunately, I think my daughter will be chomping at
the bit for me to start on her duvet cover and bed skirt.  She keeps 
reminding me how patient she has been and I respond 
with, "remember it's a Christmas present that I am graciously
not making you wait until December 25th for". I would bet
she'll be over today and inquiring as to when I'm going
to start on it.  More about the duvet cover in future blogs when I
get it finished.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Country Living Fair

The good part ~ a very lovely show with lots of
varied and talented venders.
The bad part ~ a horribly hot, windy, and draining
September day.
Anyways, back to the good part ~ for those of
you who could not attend ~ lots of pictures to share that
speak for themselves.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flea Market Finds

I promised I'd share the treasures I found at the 
Springfield Flea Market last Friday, so here they are, all
decked out in fall attire and ready to go
to Market Day on Saturday.

This credenza came already painted black and was lightly distressed.  Unfortunately, the paint job was not the best quality, with lots of 
brush marks and a bumpy finish.  I sanded it when I
got it home, but much to my dismay, my sanding did not
remove the brush marks, but did remove more
paint, so now it is heavily distressed.  I actually like it better now.  
It seems to have more character, even if it has the unsightly brush marks.
  I really love this piece, so if it doesn't sell at Market Day, it's
going to get a thorough sanding job and will be
painted a cream color and find a new home upstairs
in my guest room that I'm redecorating.

The other piece I found is a small desk or maybe it could be a phone desk.
  It came with a small chair and both were the color you see in the picture.


I will probably try to sell them as a set, but I would also separate 
them if someone only wanted one piece.  I think the chair would look 
nice with a teddy bear sitting on it, especially at Christmas time.

Here is a picture of my credenza that I altered by fooling around
with the image filter in Photoshop.  I didn't get quite
the abstract look I was going for and maybe it's not even that 
noticeable, but it was still fun.

This is the colored pencil filter.  Weird colors, but still kind 
of pretty.

And another filter.

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