Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flea Market Finds

I promised I'd share the treasures I found at the 
Springfield Flea Market last Friday, so here they are, all
decked out in fall attire and ready to go
to Market Day on Saturday.

This credenza came already painted black and was lightly distressed.  Unfortunately, the paint job was not the best quality, with lots of 
brush marks and a bumpy finish.  I sanded it when I
got it home, but much to my dismay, my sanding did not
remove the brush marks, but did remove more
paint, so now it is heavily distressed.  I actually like it better now.  
It seems to have more character, even if it has the unsightly brush marks.
  I really love this piece, so if it doesn't sell at Market Day, it's
going to get a thorough sanding job and will be
painted a cream color and find a new home upstairs
in my guest room that I'm redecorating.

The other piece I found is a small desk or maybe it could be a phone desk.
  It came with a small chair and both were the color you see in the picture.


I will probably try to sell them as a set, but I would also separate 
them if someone only wanted one piece.  I think the chair would look 
nice with a teddy bear sitting on it, especially at Christmas time.

Here is a picture of my credenza that I altered by fooling around
with the image filter in Photoshop.  I didn't get quite
the abstract look I was going for and maybe it's not even that 
noticeable, but it was still fun.

This is the colored pencil filter.  Weird colors, but still kind 
of pretty.

And another filter.

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