Sunday, April 19, 2015

I Love Trays

I have a thing for trays.  Not sure why - I just love them. 
My daughter and I are getting ready to do a show at the Vintage Market Place on May 15, 16 & 17 at the  Springfield Extravaganza, in Springfield, Ohio.
So, I've been busy making trays and more trays.  I wanted to take 30 trays to the show.  And here are a few pics of what I've been creating.


A lot of these trays have been made from wood pallets and leftover scrap wood that I've had in my garage.

My daughter likes the rustic, industrial look, so I've been trying to make trays along those lines.

Can you tell I also have acquired a "thing" for pulleys and metal wheels?  One just never knows what their tastes are going to turn to next.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New Girls

New girls are here! 
I tragically lost the last of my two chickens last October and after mourning them all winter, I took the plunge and got six new chicks last week.
This time I purchased three different hardier breeds and hopefully healthier.  
They are so sweet and soft, and just what I needed to help me get through these last dreary weeks of winter and endless snow.
I'm still picking out names for them, but I'm thinking Bitsy for the small brown Speckled Sussex and Betty for her sister.
Then for the Golden Comets, I think I'll go with Marigold and Merry Sunshine, which will probably end up as Goldie and Merry.  And lastly, for the Buff Orphingtons, they will be Sybil (Sibby) and Annie.  Did you notice that two of them are named after the children in Downton Abbey?
That is Betty standing so watchful and tall.  I think she looks like a meerkat in this picture.
Here's to hoping they bring a bit of spring to your day!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Kitchen Updates

Two years ago I started remodeling my kitchen.  Now, finally it is finished.  I repainted, laid a new kitchen floor, installed new counter top and sink, repainted the cabinet bases, but never put on new cabinet doors.  Two years, I went without cabinet doors.  I got used to it that way and loved being able to reach right in for anything. Talk about being lazy.  Then one day a few months ago, I saw with new eyes how bad it looked, and realized how tired I was of it not being finished.
So . . . I called my brother-in-law and told him I was really serious about making the new cabinet doors (he had bought the wood at least 8 months earlier).  On New Year's Day we went to work in his work shop and cranked out all the doors.  I have a very small kitchen, so it wasn't that many doors, but by the end of the day, thanks to his expertise and fabulous array of tools, we had all the doors glued and clamped.
These first pictures were taken right after I hung the doors when they were still unfinished.  There was an immediate difference.
I only have a few cabinets along one wall and a tall cabinet on the opposite wall. 
Here is a photo of one door painted and one still unfinished.  I used Caromel Colors Reclaim paint on my cabinets and rolled it on.  I was so surprised how quickly I could apply 3 coats of paint.
I painted the fronts of the doors while they were still hanging and then removed them a couple at a time to paint the backs.
Finally - all done.
Like I said, my kitchen is small.  These are the cabinets on one side of the sink.
And this is the other side of the sink.
There is nothing extravagant or fancy about my kitchen like the spacious grand ones in all the new builds.  But, it suits my needs and I absolutely love it and how much brighter the room is now.
I keep only a few things on the counter tops since there isn't much space.  I love having my silverware on the counter top where I can reach it easily.
Here is the tall cabinet across the room.

In between, under the window, is a green free-standing cupboard that I use for extra storage and for displaying fun vignettes.

Over the stove I display two sets of a plain white frame with a canvas print in the center.  The canvas is covered with paper napkins that were torn and laid in place, applied with Mod Podge.  Every few months, I change out the canvas to match the season - an inexpensive way to change my artwork and the mood of the room.  I got the idea from Stone Gable and Yvonne gives wonderful instructions on her lovely blog.
Rounding out the room is the door leading to the utility room where I made the door into a large chalk board for doodling.
And off to the right of the "Dream" sign is a peek into the dining room.  I told you it was a small kitchen.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new kitchen and it makes me smile every time I walk into it.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Big Black Desk

This big black desk came back home with us after our last show at Scott's and she's a beauty.  If I had a new-build home with one of those offices right off the entrance, she would be a keeper.  But, I live in a 1940's little cottage-style house and the rooms are not big enough.
This is how I staged the desk for the Scott's show since our show had a Christmas theme.  It looks so lovely with reds.
I found a 100-year old L.C. Smith typewriter  to display on the desktop.  The typewriter was mammoth, but almost looked small on the desk.
I displayed this vintage framed photo of a fox-hunt with it loving the mixture of the black and red.
There's something about this photo that I really love, but it doesn't match my décor, so I listed it on Etsy hoping to find it a loving home.
Until I find the desk a new home, it is residing in my living room.  It has been fun playing around with different vignettes on the top of it.  This is how I arranged it for Christmas at our house.
With it's large top, it allows for a lovely display, a table lamp, and still plenty of ample room for working.
 This desk came from The Ohio State University, where I'm sure it sat in an office or classroom for years.  It had a formica top on it, which I took off and replaced with new oak veneer.  It is solid oak and I painted it black and distressed it to give it an updated look.  I found a solid period chair that looks as if it came out of a school library to go with it, making them a lovely couple. 
But what I love most about this desk is the lovely scalloped trim along the bottom edge of it.  I think it takes what could be a masculine-looking desk and gives it a feminine touch.  I find that beauty is so often in the details.
I sure hope I can find this black beauty a new home where it will be loved as much as I love it because it truly deserves another lease on life where it will be used and cherished for years to come.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Scott's Antique Market

Our first time selling at Scott's Antique Market in Columbus, Ohio was to say the least, a learning experience.
We try with every show to present a different color story.  Since this show was Thanksgiving weekend, we focused on a Christmas theme, painting our furniture several shades of green, red, off-white, and black.
I'll let the pictures do the talking and start with the greens . . .

  Next are the reds and blacks . . .
And the creamy whites . . .


Now that this show is over, we will take a long rest over the winter and return to doing shows in the spring.  As always, some items came home with us, like the big black desk that needs to find a home since it takes up a lot of space in my already crowded home.  Other small items, I've been able to list on Etsy, and are finding their way to new homes. I have found through experience, that over time . . . everything eventually sells and finds a new home where it can be loved.
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