Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vintage Folding Chairs

I found these two vintage folding chairs and thought they
would be perfect for my garden display at the store.  They are in
really good shape and just needed some sanding and then I used Fiddes & Sons
"Rugger Brown" wax on them to make them look even older.

Here  are a couple close ups of how the wax not only ages them, but
keeps them clean and protected at the same time.

The seat slats are painted a slightly more olive color and when I distressed
them, they were a pretty bright yellow underneath, which happens to
match the bright yellows in the pillows I made for the chairs.

And speaking of fabric ~ I found this vintage fabric at an
out of town store who sold end of bolt fabrics and I fell in love
with these Tuscan print panels and their lovely colors.

I split the panels in half and used half on each side of the pillows.

I opted not to make cushions for the seats even though I purchased a
coordinating fabric for them.  I liked the subtle contrast color of the seat slats 
which would be totally covered up if I added a seat cushion.  And besides,
the chairs were very comfortable without them.
Also heading off to the store this afternoon is a lantern I
purchased at a yard sale.  The lady had 9 to sell and she had used
them on the tables at her wedding reception ~ so I bought all
of them, knowing I could use them over time here and there in the store.
They were more off-white, but I also used the same dark wax on them to
give them a more aged look.

The store is keeping me very busy trying to keep my space full.
Yesterday the 5-piece wicker set and garden bench I recently posted about,
both sold, leaving a need to refill the space.  The chairs are a quick 
fill so that I can work on my own dining room chairs seen below.

I've had them for years and it is time for a new look.  With any luck, I
hope to be posting about them later this week.  Working on something for
myself makes me very excited.
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Shell Art

I've been playing around making shell art for the shop.  It's fun, but
takes unique bottles and lots of different shells to get the perfect fit.  It
took quite awhile to collect enough of each to make these fun creations.
Here is a set of three blue bottles that look so pretty, especially when 
light is shining through them.

The shell art is all at the store right now, but whatever doesn't sell is
coming back to live with me, especially these three.

This creation is a combination of shells that I hot glued onto
this lovely candle holder.

These were all done with aqua colored bottles and shells that
are warm shades of brown.

But this one is my favorite ~ a candle holder I found on clearance
and a lovely piece of coral I picked up at a yard sale.  They
look like they were picked right out of the ocean.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Garden Party

This is the next group of furniture and items that will be heading to
the store later this week.  I found this great old bench at the Extravaganza
flea market in Springfield.  It's solid oak and very heavy.  The vendor said
it had sat on his front porch for 25 years and it really had a chippy look.
I added the curvy piece of wood along the bottom of the bench to give
it a little more personality.  I also found it at the flea market and it was
the perfect match of already aged and weathered wood.

When I found this fabric to make pillows, I knew exactly how I wanted to 
refinish this bench.  It really didn't take much work since the painting was
done mostly with the dry brush effect and several coats of different glazes.

I found this set of cats just yesterday at a yard sale and they match
the bench perfectly.

Also matching the pillow fabric were these panels that I framed to
make the perfect companion for the bench.

In this picture are various other items going to the store, but the piece I
want to point out is the plant stand made of slatted wood.  It also had
been exposed to the elements and was perfectly weathered.  Just a
little dry brushing and glazing completed the look.  The best part of this 
plant stand is that it folds up like an accordian for easy storage.

This old window missing it's glass was also picked up at the
flea market and I'm going to make a chalk board out of it.  I still have
to cut the wood to insert into the window panes and get them painted
before it is finished, but I think you can get the idea of how it will look 
when done.

This vignette of garden items has been so much fun to create.  It seems
like every weekend I find something new at yard sales to add to
this fun theme.  If I had a sun room or large hallway, I would
definitely keep the bench pew, but since I don't have either,
hopefully it will find a new home where it can be kept inside and enjoyed
for many more years to come.

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Oh Happy Day

My daughter graduated from The Ohio State University last Sunday 
and it was a very happy day for both of us.  The ceremony for
spring graduation is always held in the football stadium because it's the
only place large enough to hold everyone.  Here is a picture of the outside.

The stadium has some lovely stained glass windows at the entrance which
were best enjoyed on this day from the inside.

Here are the students marching into the stadium.  They graduated 9,700
students this quarter which is a staggering number if you think about it.  
Campus is really like a small town within the city of Columbus with
around 40,000 students which doesn't include the satellite campuses.

Here is a picture of about half of the students graduating.

The raising of the American flag.

Here are the students picking up their diplomas.  Ohio State is one of
the few large universities that still graduates all of its individual schools and
passes out each actual diploma in one ceremony ~ which is why it is
a 2-1/2 hour ceremony.
My camera was acting up for these last few photos, so the quality and color
is not very good.

And here is my daughter, Kate ~ the happy graduate.

As I sat in the stadium surrounded by proud families and students, I couldn't
help but shed a few tears at how quickly time passes and our children
grow up.  My daughter had a pretty turbulent time in college due to a
combination of bad personal choices and heavy class loads.  All I could
do as I sat there was give thanks to God that she made it through in
four years, was receiving a diploma, and neither of us has any
college debt.  There were days when I didn't think either of us were going to 
survive her college years.  I felt overwhelmed by the goodness and grace of God
to have brought us to this happy day.
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Beach Makeover - Part 2

Here is the other half of our store space in the beach makeover
that I promised you yesterday.  This is my white hutch which you
have seen before in my office, now showcasing our items for sale.

I love decorating in a beach theme.  The colors of the sand and sea are
so soothing and always make me happy.
My sister did all the arranging on the hutch and here are also a few
of her paintings and creations.

Here is a pillow I made over the weekend for the store.  I've had this
shell fabric for a few years now and it was fun to finally get to use it.

Here is some shell art that I made over the weekend.  I saw the idea on
various blogs and have been collecting bottles and shells to make them.
It actually takes quite a collection of both to get the right fit.  It's
not as easy as it looks.  My favorite is the coral on the candlestick
that looks like it came out of the ocean.

More pretty things so lovingly arranged by my sister, Lynette.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our little corner of Peacock Lane Home.
It's so fun to find items at yard sales, flea markets and Goodwill and then
bring them home to recreate them for a new life.
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beach Makeover

I spent the afternoon with my sister changing out our space in the store
with a bright beachy look.  I repainted my wicker furniture a happy
green color and used a fabric with blues and greens for the pillows and
matching blue denim for the cushions.

My house was in too much chaos to take the pictures there, so this
is how our store space looks this month.

I refinished this darling coffee table with a very unique shape and lots of pretty
detail work.  It originally looked like this. 

I thought it might be a hopeless case because of the brown enamel paint with
gold paint underneath and numerous scratches on the top.  But after
several hours of sanding, I began to see it's potential emerge and now it
is white and distressed and a beauty to behold.

I set the table with these darling dishes called "Sail Away"  that I found
last winter at Goodwill, blue goblets and homemade napkins.

Tomorrow I'll share my white hutch with our other beachy accessories
that my sister so artfully arranged while I was running back and forth
transporting furniture.
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Friday, June 3, 2011

The State of My Home

It seems like forever since I've had time to put together a post or
read any others.  I have missed not getting my daily dose of other blogs.
I've had a few complaints that I haven't blogged for awhile, so I 
thought I'd show you why.  I am up to my neck in furniture ~
trying to get some things done for the store.  The bench I showed
you in the last post, sold in 3 days and I can't turn around another
piece that fast.  So this is what my house looks like right now.

Wall to wall furniture isn't the way I choose to live normally, so it's
been a challenge for me to cope with this chaos.  I don't usually don't
work on furniture in the house, ~but between the constant rain, and now
the heat and humidity ~ I didn't have much choice.

Bags of down pillows waiting to be made pretty.  Maybe you can
tell by now I don't have a basement and I live in a very small house.
The garage isn't much better ~ furniture waiting it's turn for a makeover.

So ~ since it'll be a few more days until I have some decent pictures 
of furniture to show you, I thought I'd share my backyard gardens.
They are in chaos too from too much rain, too many weeds
and not enough time, but at least they are presentable.
This is my garden shed and greenhouse. It is also in much need
of repair with a roof that leaks, rotting wood, falling gutters, and a broken window,
but fortunately you can't tell that from these pictures.
My roses are at their peak right now and a beauty to behold.

Roses need no words to describe their beauty.

Pink roses have always been my favorites.

At least in my garden there is beauty and serenity ~ as long as
I don't look at all the weeds.

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