Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Big Black Desk

This big black desk came back home with us after our last show at Scott's and she's a beauty.  If I had a new-build home with one of those offices right off the entrance, she would be a keeper.  But, I live in a 1940's little cottage-style house and the rooms are not big enough.
This is how I staged the desk for the Scott's show since our show had a Christmas theme.  It looks so lovely with reds.
I found a 100-year old L.C. Smith typewriter  to display on the desktop.  The typewriter was mammoth, but almost looked small on the desk.
I displayed this vintage framed photo of a fox-hunt with it loving the mixture of the black and red.
There's something about this photo that I really love, but it doesn't match my décor, so I listed it on Etsy hoping to find it a loving home.
Until I find the desk a new home, it is residing in my living room.  It has been fun playing around with different vignettes on the top of it.  This is how I arranged it for Christmas at our house.
With it's large top, it allows for a lovely display, a table lamp, and still plenty of ample room for working.
 This desk came from The Ohio State University, where I'm sure it sat in an office or classroom for years.  It had a formica top on it, which I took off and replaced with new oak veneer.  It is solid oak and I painted it black and distressed it to give it an updated look.  I found a solid period chair that looks as if it came out of a school library to go with it, making them a lovely couple. 
But what I love most about this desk is the lovely scalloped trim along the bottom edge of it.  I think it takes what could be a masculine-looking desk and gives it a feminine touch.  I find that beauty is so often in the details.
I sure hope I can find this black beauty a new home where it will be loved as much as I love it because it truly deserves another lease on life where it will be used and cherished for years to come.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Scott's Antique Market

Our first time selling at Scott's Antique Market in Columbus, Ohio was to say the least, a learning experience.
We try with every show to present a different color story.  Since this show was Thanksgiving weekend, we focused on a Christmas theme, painting our furniture several shades of green, red, off-white, and black.
I'll let the pictures do the talking and start with the greens . . .

  Next are the reds and blacks . . .
And the creamy whites . . .


Now that this show is over, we will take a long rest over the winter and return to doing shows in the spring.  As always, some items came home with us, like the big black desk that needs to find a home since it takes up a lot of space in my already crowded home.  Other small items, I've been able to list on Etsy, and are finding their way to new homes. I have found through experience, that over time . . . everything eventually sells and finds a new home where it can be loved.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Saving Memories

I most likely won't be blogging very much in the future.  I think my blogging days have come to an end and feel like I don't have anything new to say that hasn't already been said in a dozen different ways by more talented women.  
I will however use my blog to save memories and photos.  I think what I have always liked best about blogging is that it is a diary of sorts where I can look back and review my life.
So . . . in the future, I will just be posting a few pics, with or without comments, as a place to keep a record of my life.
You may feel free to comment or just look around.  I will still be reading other blogs and visiting around.
Random vacation memories . . . 
Mother dear

Monday, September 8, 2014

A Much Needed Rest

Time away for a much needed rest.  It's a sister's week at a beach house at Dauphin Island, Alabama. This is our view of the bay side.

And here is the ocean side.
When we arrived, this sweet heron was sitting on our back balcony waiting to welcome us.
We left the scorching heat of Ohio only to have it here - but at least there is an ocean to cool off in. 
 Here's to rest and relaxation, and no agenda.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Successful Market Day

Kate had her first show and what a success it was.
Her new business, Rustic Market, is off and running with many customers 
inquiring if she had a shop.
This magnificent headboard did not sell, but I think most people couldn't 
see it's potential as anything other than a headboard.
I would use it as a piece of art on a wall, set it on a mantel, or put vintage 
hooks on it and use it in an entry way for hanging coats.
Check out this unique vintage bike that she turned into a table/shelf.  It was a little hard to display to it's best since it needs to be attached to a wall to make it stable.  But regardless, it was noticed by many for it's uniqueness and found a loving home.
Her rusty letters practically flew out the door.
This piece of furniture came home with us.  Although it looks like it has many drawers, it actually is a dresser with only 4 drawers.  I think it would look great in a boy's bedroom, an entry way or fantastic in an office with a black printer on top of it.  Plus, it would allow great space for storage.
This altar table we found on The Longest Yard Sale.  It is such a beautiful piece.  It was missing a drawer (which we didn't notice until we got it home), so we added a piece of decorative wood carving where the drawer should be to hide the hole.
All in all, it was a very positive and fun day.  Exhausting, but fun.
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