Sunday, July 31, 2011

Paris Flea Market

I spent my early morning hours at the Powell, Ohio street flea.  They 
have it three times a year during the warmer months on Sundays.  I picked
up a few things to sell at the store, but today I wanted
to feature one of the shops in Powell, an outlying suburb of Columbus.
The store is "Paris Flea Market" and they always have lovely things to tempt you.
The outside of the store is so charming, it just draws you in.

I don't remember this wall painting of the Eiffel Tower from past visits,
but it greets you and captures your attention as soon as you walk
in the door.

And then there is this beautiful table set with a beach theme.

Let's take a stroll around the store.

Another beautiful table and tablescape in much softer colors.

I love this lemon vignette with it's pretty yellows.  I would love to
have that set of glasses.

This black, white and red area is very striking.

I love this lovely white sideboard.  It has the prettiest molding along the
bottom and such delicate carvings.

A pretty way to display items.

Shop owners Marilyn Kuntz and Donna Carrel did not want to have
their pictures taken for my blog, but Gillis, was perfectly eager
and willing to pose for me.

With all the weekly party memes in blogland, I'm sure we don't really need 
one more, but it would be fun to link up and show our area shops.  I really like
the idea, but unfortunately between working full time and trying to 
refinish furniture for the store I'm involved with, I don't have time to host one.
What a fabulous way to visit shops all over the country via everyone's blogs.
Anyone interested?
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Two More Pieces

Two more pieces ~ off to the store, and most importantly~
out of my living room.
I found these two end tables at a yard sale up in Cleveland while
visiting a friend.  It was a very productive trip as far as yard
sale finds and I came back from my wonderful visit with a car full of
furniture.  That was back in May and I'm just now getting around
to working on these pieces.  Here is the before picture.

As you can see from that picture, the piece is sitting just outside my garage
and behind it are more pieces of furniture that totally fill the garage.
My goal is to get all those pieces finished and out of my garage before
the snow flies, so my car can get back in.  With the excessive heat wave
we've been having lately, snow flying sounds rather nice right now.
Here are the after pictures of the furniture sitting in my living room all ready
to be loaded and taken to the store.

I don't usually take pictures of the process since I usually forget or I'm too messy
by the time I remember, but after sanding this piece, I stained the wood
darker, followed by a light coat of flat black paint.  Next, I applied a coat
of Caromal Colors "Chipping Cream" which allows the next color to chip or distress
easily.  The final coat was just a beige color I had leftover from another
project.  I sanded/distressed it and then applied a coat of dark paste wax.

I forgot to mention that I applied a fresh coat of flat black Rustoleum paint
to the legs and hardware to freshen it up.

This is a wonderful little container with a bee design that the owner of the
store gave me one day because I admired it so much.  Being a previous
beekeeper, I am always drawn to "bee" items.  It wasn't priced, so I asked
her how much it was and she just so kindly gave it to me.  It's something
I will cherish always for it's uniqueness and for her kindness.  It's
coloring matched these end tables perfectly.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Bright Summer Colors

Yesterday I did a post of soft summer colors and today I'm doing the opposite.
 The difference today from yesterday though is not only the colors, 
but today's flowers are silk.  I have found that good quality silk
flowers are worth every penny and can bring just as much
joy to a room as fresh flowers.
This first arrangement of nasturtiums is one I have had
for years and years.  I make the little basket from sticks and 
filled it with the colorful nasturtiums to brighten my kitchen every summer.

You know you love something when it passes the test of time and
you keep it for years on end.
I paired it with this dear little summery saucer and pear
candle I found at Goodwill last week.  Don't they go together like
the perfect couple?

But my favorite part of this perky vignette is the bouquet of
colorful poppies I found at a yard sale this weekend.

I originally picked these up to resell at the store, but just can't bring myself
to  part with them and the way they brighten up a room. The
brilliant colors demand attention and scream "look at me".

I love the way they always bring a smile to my face and sunshine to the room.
Last but not least, is the soft orange plaid linen I found at a flea market a 
few weeks ago.  I picked it up to use in the store this fall for Halloween, but
found it the perfect table cover for this vignette.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Soft Summer Colors

I normally think of spring for soft pastel colors in the garden but 
as I was weeding this morning, I kept looking at this soft combination
of balloon flowers and pink cone flowers.  They are so pretty that
words don't do them justice.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wrought Iron Finale

Well, I finally finished up the rest of the wrought iron furniture
and moved it to the store tonight.  Everything was again painted with Flat Black
Rustoleum and the seats covered with the cheerful geranium fabric I purchased at
Jo-Ann Fabrics to match the rocker and end table you can see here.
But let's start with the before picture.

I forgot to take a picture of the chairs before, but you get the idea.
Instead of putting the furniture in my space, the owners had me
display it in the atrium.  It's a room with lots of natural light that used to
be the greenhouse room when this store was previously a florist.  
When it rains, you can hear the pitter patter of falling raindrops and the
room was the perfect setting for outdoor patio furniture.
So here it is, with a few accessories I brought to sell with it.

I told you I was falling in love with this cheerful set, but realized it was
a little too large for my screened-in porch, making it a little
easier to let go of.
We pulled these gorgeous vintage screen doors from another vendor's 
space to help set the mood.  Hopefully she won't mind, but if she
does, we'll have to put them back in her space.

We moved the wrought iron rocker and end table over to 
accompany the table and chairs to make a more enticing set.

Doesn't this look like the perfect place to sit down and enjoy a meal?

How I love these doors.

Next we started working on the adjacent wall and display area, trying
to continue the red and black theme along the wall.  The rest of
these pictures are things from other vendors and local artists that
I can take no credit for.

At this point, both of the owners needed to leave for the day, so they let
me stay and play and finish the whole side of this long room.

Furniture sells so quickly from this store, that daily they need to rearrange
the displays.  I'm sure they enjoy it, but today they both seemed relieved
to not have to worry about this room and gladly left me to "have at it".

What a fun way to spend an evening, playing with an endless supply
of beautiful things.
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Ray of Hope

I'm so far behind on taking care of my gardens.  Parts of them are so
out of control, I may never get them back in shape this year.
This part of the garden next to the green house is a prime example
of the rampant chaos in my gardens.
Pulling all these weeds and thistles seems at times to be a hopeless
and endless battleBut in the midst of this jungle of weeds, I
found some of my hydrangeas blooming and I had to grab my
camera to capture this picture of beauty and hope.
I love the way they bloom in different colors all on the same bush.
Such delicate sweetness.
Beauty in the midst of endless weeds making all the work worthwhile.
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wrought Iron Makeover

This is a short post with few pictures.  When I was reviewing which
pictures I wanted to use, I was amazed that I had so few pictures for
so much work.  Anyways ~ here is my latest item to hit
the store.  These are the before pictures.  A wrought iron rocker . . .

and a matching end table.

I know you've all seen this style of outdoor furniture before ~ nothing new
and nothing out of the ordinary.  I also have a matching dining table with
four chairs that I'm working on this week.
After lots of sanding, an application of naval jelly and two coats of 
flat black Rustoleum,  they were looking almost new again.  
I found an outdoor fabric with bright red geraniums and a black
background at JoAnn Fabrics, that became the direction I
took the furniture.  I didn't get any pictures taken while the
furniture was still at my house, so here they are at the store.


I love this cheerful fabric and that it looks so great with the black wrought iron.

As I've been working on the table and chairs this weekend, I have found
myself starting to fall for this set of furniture.  It's all going off to the
store, but since I sold my wicker furniture at the store, and my
screened in porch is still empty, I'm secretly hoping it doesn't sell
and I can bring it home to live with me again.  Maybe I'll price it a little
higher than usual so nobody will want it.
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