Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Sneak Pink Preview

I've been off work since Christmas and my designated project for this "end of the year" vacation is a bathroom redo.  It's still a long ways from done, but I couldn't resist a sneak pink preview.
I'm repainting the bathroom based on a shower curtain I got at Target a year ago.

I bought green towels, so that only left pink for repainting the top of the walls.  Here are some pictures of a small corner shelf that is over the toilet and between a window and the mirror.  It's about the only part I have done ~ so much more work left to do ~ but I couldn't resist sharing this part.

 This is a small shelf (maybe 18" long), in a small corner, in a very small bathroom.  I usually keep the jars of cotton balls and Q-tips on this shelf, but couldn't help adding a few vintage Christmas ornaments before the season is gone and I have to pack them away.

I found these vintage ornaments at Scott's Antique Market when it was in town this month and they were only $1 each.  How do you like pink Q-tips with vintage ornaments?  Not a likely combination ~ but it works here.

I found this little mercury glass candle holder half-off after Christmas at World Market for only $1.50.

Found this little shelf years ago at Marshall's and still love it.

Sweet simple details make me smile.

I love the addition of the pint-size aqua Ball jar.

Pink isn't a color I would choose to paint a room, and I had my doubts about my decision after I finished the bathroom, but I realize now that I just love pink and aqua together.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Favorite Projects of 2011

Seems like everyone is doing "the year in review" posts, so I thought I'd join along and show some favorite projects of 2011.
In January I made some knit pillows from Goodwill sweaters that I first saw demonstrated over at French Kissed.
Then in February I had two favorite projects and couldn't decided between them, so I'll share them both.  The first are the Fleur de lis prints with repainted frames. . .

followed by the vintage eggs that were demonstrated over at The Vintage Nest.
In March, my favorite is this dear little nest and sweet butterfly made from double-sided printed paper.

In April I refinished a desk for our spring Open House.

In May, I refinished this bench, reupholstered it, and made chicken pillows to match.
In June I had lots of favorites, but this garden bench I found at a flea market was number one.  It was a church pew in it's previous life and if I had had anywhere to put it, I would have kept it.  But off it went to the store and sold within 24 hours along with everything on it.
In July I refinished this wrought iron table and chairs and gave the seats a face lift with pretty geranium fabric.
August was a slow month for me, but I managed to refinish this old writing desk and send it off to the store.
September was an even slower month or maybe I just wasn't posting much, but I gave this oak icebox a makeover since it wasn't selling in it's original oak form.
In October, I made a trio of chalkboards from old frames that were full of personality.  This one seemed to be the favorite among bloggers and also the first to sell at the store.
In November, I refinished this antique dresser and fell in love with it in the process.  Nevertheless, it went off to the store sporting a very high price tag.  But ~ after a few weeks ~ I found a place to put it, and back home it came to live out it's days with me.
And last ~ but not least ~ is my own hutch come home from the store for a makeover and a new place of prominence in the dining room.
The store kept me busy this year trying to keep my space full.  My New Year's resolution is to slow down and use my energy and time to feather my own nest, rest, spend more time with family and friends, and read a good book.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Winter Greens

I bought this frame at a yard sale for $1 and it was falling apart at all four corners.  I thought I could fix it myself and use it for a chalkboard to sell at the store, but it was a little beyond my abilities to repair.  
I found a use for it this summer and took it to a frame shop to have the corners reinforced.  Well ~ they cut it down to get a better fit and $22 later, it was too small for the picture I wanted to frame and too expensive to use for resale at the store.  So ~ it sat in my garage for months ~ until I came up with a new idea.
I painted the frame and distressed it, made up an arrangement of faux greens and pinecones, and hung them inside.

I was so happy to finally find a use for it and I can still use it for something else later if I want.  But for now, it is a 3-dimensional picture of winter greens.

I used a mixture of greens, white berries, small pine cones, and three large glittered pine cones that I found at Macy's last year after Christmas.

I originally made it for a Christmas decoration, but I think it is appropriate for all winter long, especially since I have no other immediate use for the frame.

Simple, sweet, and just right for the snowy night outside.
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Home For Christmas

A few weekends ago, I brought my hutch home from the 
store so I could refinish it for my dining room.  I'm on a
quest to lighten and brighten my dark house.  
Previously the hutch was white and lived in my 
office, where it was very happy.

Then it went to live at the store, where it made many 
people smile, but it was very homesick.

The hutch was at the store for display purposes only and not for sale.  Many people complimented it and offered to buy it, but it wanted to come back home. Every time I went into the store to drop off new items to sell, it called out to me, "take me home".

And so ~ it did come home and got a whole new makeover.  
It went from white to dark brown, then received it's top coat of off-white paint, and finally was distressed to allow the
brown to show through. Here it is now in the dining room ~ all decked out for Christmas with glitter and brown transfer ware.

So here are some close ups.  I think you'll see
how happy it is now.

My new corbels have found their final resting place on the bottom shelf of the hutch top.

I found some lovely gold mesh ribbon at Michaels that went with the color scheme perfectly.  Not the easiest thing to work with, but it sure is pretty and adds nice texture to the vignette.

My vintage silver ware also found a new home next to the corbels.  Sorry they are so tarnished and not ready for either Christmas or a photo shoot. 

Can you tell I am quite taken with these rust-colored snowflakes that I found at Walmart?

 As you can see ~ Charley is also glad the hutch has come home and found the most comfortable place in the house to nap.

When I got home from work this evening, I found this nice plate of cookies in the dining room ~ made by my sweet daughter.  My favorite Christmas cookies ~ and I can tell you, my mouth was watering when I took this picture.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Green Transfer Ware

Last month when Scott's Antique Market was in town, I purchased my first pieces of green transfer ware.  There was a lady there who had a nice variety of single patterns and pieces in a variety of colors and at great prices. 
Who can resist that combination?  Not me ~ that's for sure.
The first piece I found is this delicate and lacy salad plate from the Ferndale pattern.

I fell in love with this sweet pattern immediately.

The other piece I picked up was a tea cup and saucer from
 Enoch Wedgewood and the pattern is called "Kent".

I filled the tea cup with small ornaments so I would have
an excuse to use it for a Christmas decoration ~

and paired it with white berries and candles.

I love this mixture of green and white shapes and textures.

Last year, soon after I started blogging, I began
collecting brown transfer ware. 
Then I discovered red, followed by purple. 
 And now there is green.
Of the red and green, I only have a few pieces that I
generally only bring out at Christmas time.
I'm trying really hard not to succumb to blue transfer ware ~ which seems to offer some of the most beautiful patterns of all, and that lady had lots of them.  But ~ I was good and kept my purchases just to green and red.
At least for now.

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