Monday, October 29, 2012

My Fall Hutch

I finally got around to removing my summer decorations from the hutch.  I loved them so much, I could hardly bare to pack them away until next summer.  But ~ fall is here ~ and it was time to move on.
 I'll start with some fall dishes I found last summer at a yard sale.  I think the whole set was only $12.50 and they are just perfect for this time of year.
Then I found these sweet little ramekins at Goodwill that match almost perfectly.
Taking center stage on the hutch is this beautiful turkey platter that I found at a thrift store for only $10.  It has a lady's signature on the front, so I think it was made by this very talented lady.
These next items were found at the September Springfield Flea Extravaganza.  They are pieces of pottery from the early 1800's that were dug up at the Victorian Dump in England and brought back here to sell.  The vendor had dozens of pieces of pottery that he had personally dug up, wrapped in newspaper (dirt and all), brought to the states, and then cleaned up for resale.  Pits and pieces of long ago, each one beautiful and oozing history.  This first piece is a ginger beer container.  I love the cracks on the side and it's earthy warm colors.
The next few pictures are lids with no bottoms, but each has its own personality and unique beauty.
Then off in a corner of the hutch is my lovely fall pitcher and mini pumpkin snuggled in an abandoned bird nest.
On the top shelf is my trio of clay pumpkins on a tiny bale of hay sporting happy Halloween smiles.
A few weeks ago, my brother installed my favorite chandelier over the dining room table.  It previously was just hanging on the screened porch, but it was far to pretty to hang outside where it is not seen or used during the winter.  Now I can enjoy it year round and it gives me so much more light than my previous light fixture.
All in all ~ I think I've got it covered for fall, Halloween, 
and Thanksgiving. 
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Porch Almost Finished

You might remember back in September I started replacing some rotted wood on my screened porch, only to find the whole porch needs replacing.  I only had time to replace one side of the porch before winter and you may remember this is the last picture I showed you on the porch status.

This is the kind of rot I found when I took the porch apart.

Well, this is where I am to date, with the outside finished on this side, all except for the screens which I still have to make.

It's so nice to have gotten this far before winter.  My goal this week is to get the screens made before the wisteria leaves fall and all end up blowing inside the porch.
My favorite thing is when I walk up to the screen door and see my newly hung coat rack that I posted about earlier, hanging by the back door of the house.
It makes me sad that it's getting cold and I won't be able to sit out here and enjoy the fruit of my labor much longer.
Or enjoy a meal at my lovely wrought iron table.

I so hate to pack it all away until next spring, but they are calling for some snow this week, so I'll need to move fast.
How do you like the new outside light fixture?  It went from this . . .

to this.

At least I can look out my kitchen window and enjoy the view of a newly painted porch side during the winter and long for warm spring days to come.
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shore Birds

I just returned from a quick trip to Myrtle Beach, SC and thought I'd share a couple photos from the trip.  Unfortunately most of them did not come out as nice as I'd hoped, but these few have become quite special.
South Carolina is probably my most favorite place, and if I could, I would move there in a hot second.  As it is, the quick trip last week will have to suffice, and soothed and restored my soul.
These sweet little birds blessed me immensely.  There weren't many around, but the few I saw were dashing and darting everywhere as if life was meant to be lived in a hurry.

Sweetness and simpleness are all we need to succeed in life.

Then there were these three shore birds who captured my attention from our 11th floor balcony.  I only know these three ladies through my camera lens, but the one in the middle reminded me of my Aunt Esther and I imagined them as my Mom and her two sisters.

Life should always be a stroll on the beach ~ or at 
least the remembrance of it.
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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Porch Coat Rack

Have you ever put off a project only to find you wish you'd done it a long time ago?  Well ~ I bought this antique child's bed headboard way back in the spring.  It had a metal rack attached to it and some funky hooks and was a strange shade of green.  I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I couldn't seem to walk away from it.  That's probably why I put off doing anything with it for so long.
Finally I had a vision to use it as a coat rack and would hang it on my screened porch, so I cut the legs off of it and found some cute hardware, but still ended up putting it off for another few months.
Now, at long last, just as the season is over, I finally repainted it, attached the hardware and hung it on my porch ~ and I love it!!!

I hung a cute little tool carrier on one hook since obviously I won't be hanging any coats on it because it's outside.
The polka dot on the tool carrier matches the center knob perfectly.

I found this darling green polka dot pitcher on sale at Joss and Main and put it on the porch table and it matched the dots on the cushions and the tool carrier.

I didn't start out with a polka dot theme in mind, but somehow it all just happened to come together perfectly.  I love polka dots and for some reason they make me happy.

The beautiful detail work on the head board is why I fell in love with this piece in the first place and I'm so glad I brought it home with me, even if I do have to put it away soon for the winter.

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