Friday, April 29, 2016

Around the Garden

Spring is such a lovely time where everyone takes in the lush new growth and beauty of the garden. 

A few, and I mean, a very few wisteria survived the cold freezing temperatures of a few weeks ago.  The vines were loaded with buds, but this is all there is now.  Each one is enjoyed all the more for beating the odds.

Normally my backyard smells like heaven this time of year when the wisteria, honeysuckle trees, and the lilac all bloom at the same time.  The bumblebees go into a frenzy over the wisteria blooms.  But this year, even the lilac blooms are sparse, but at least they survived the cold.

The girls are enjoying the lovely weather and being able to get out and forage around the yard.

Sometimes all you can see are their tails in the air as they
 meander around the herb garden.

And they love getting into the compost bin, eating the bugs, and kicking out all the dirt.  

Home is my happy place, and there is no place I'd rather be than in my peaceful gardens with my girls.

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Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Our lilacs are looking pretty sparse as well - though mine are the ones that bloom last in the neighborhood. Every year about this time I find myself upset - yet again- that BOTH my next door neighbors tore out their 20 year old blooming healthy AWESOME lilac bushes. It used to be I could smell them from every window - heavenly - and the irony is they planted NOTHING in their stead - just dirt and sorely missing something green and lively. And another irony is that they were ANCHOR plants. So it looks even weirder with nothing framing their garden area and homes. Ugh.

And you don't want to even get me started on the huge perfectly healthy and beautiful tree the next door neighbors took out A FEW YEARS AGO and still just have a dirt from lawn, with lots of weeds. It used to keep us so much more private - now we have no buffer between us. I could cry. And we have planted over 50 trees to keep things quieter, cooler and more private. Go figure. Why bother when we have plant haters next to us, huh? LOL.

Your girls looks great. Tell them hi from me!

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