Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh my goodness - I discovered Goodwill!

To say I didn't know about Goodwill would be a lie.  
I have been there once or twice in my lifetime.  The last
time I was there, 3 or 4 years ago looking for
furniture to refinish, they had nothing but junk that
I would not take home for free.  And so,
I never went back.  My mom recently recommended I look
for furniture there, but I blew off her advice.  Today
while visiting numerous new blog sites, there was 
the reoccurring theme of the good deals people
were getting at Goodwill.  So, I looked them up in the
phone book and found two stores nearby.  One, I visited on the bus 
ride home.  I had to go back with my car since I couldn't carry 
everything with me on the bus.  Mostly the furniture I
saw was in bad shape or very overpriced, or both.
What I did get, was some dishes for myself.  Here is what
I brought home all for around $14.
These are the four soup bowls I found, so pretty in fall colors.
I thought they'd look especially nice with Chili or Sausage 
Tortellini Soup in them.
There was only one of each of these, but there is only one
of me and I live alone, so that works.
There were four of these green plates and I love the little
vase.  It was the only thing I bought that was over $.59.
I only purchased two of the raspberry plates, but they had two 
more which I will probably stop back and get tomorrow.
There were two of each of these plates, so I could serve my daughter
or a friend for dinner.  I love dishes with bumps on them.
I wasn't able to get any real sets, but over time, I know I
will acquire enough to mix and match and hopefully soon I'll be able to
participate in the Thursday Tablescapes hosted by
Between Naps on the Porch.  I can hardly wait!
Last, but not least, I bought these little fellows.  
They were 5 for $1.00.
I thought they'd make great toys for Moby, my grand puppy,
when he comes to visit. He's a miniature dachshund and he loves
stuffed animals.  At that price, it's no big deal if he tears them up,
which is what he loves to do most.
I'm afraid I will probably be frequenting Goodwill quite 
often now, especially since one of the clerks filled 
me in on the details of the best times to shop.


The Stylish House said...

Hi Cindy,
Welcome to Blog World! Thrift stores, estate sales and flea markets are addicting and fun. You found several nice dishes to play around with. They are the perfect fall colors. I shop anywhere that looks interesting and find unexpected treasures once in awhile.
I’ve been blogging for about a year and a half and met many wonderful people. Thank you for stopping by and saying hello. It’s always nice to meet new friends! Take care.

I'm going to have a look around your blog a bit more!

Carolyn said...

Welcome to blogging-should we warn you that it is addictive ???
I love the plates you found at Goodwill and so cheap too-that is also addictive!
Thank you for visiting me a couple of days ago-I am always running late and yes P.E.I. is a beautiful place just like Anne said!


Anonymous said...

Wow - you did very well, Cindy!!! :)

I hope you have a lovely weekend!
~ Zuzu

A Brit in Tennessee said...

My daughter and I discovered the Goodwill experience some twenty years ago, at a time when very few people shopped there.
Now there is one in almost every litttle town, and they are filled with the most wonderful bargains.
Your plates are splendidly beautiful, perfect for Fall, I hope you get much enjoyment out of using them !

A New England Life said...

Like you, every time I've been to Goodwill all they have is junk. Maybe it's time I took a second look! Those dishes are so pretty!!!

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