Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New Girls

New girls are here! 
I tragically lost the last of my two chickens last October and after mourning them all winter, I took the plunge and got six new chicks last week.
This time I purchased three different hardier breeds and hopefully healthier.  
They are so sweet and soft, and just what I needed to help me get through these last dreary weeks of winter and endless snow.
I'm still picking out names for them, but I'm thinking Bitsy for the small brown Speckled Sussex and Betty for her sister.
Then for the Golden Comets, I think I'll go with Marigold and Merry Sunshine, which will probably end up as Goldie and Merry.  And lastly, for the Buff Orphingtons, they will be Sybil (Sibby) and Annie.  Did you notice that two of them are named after the children in Downton Abbey?
That is Betty standing so watchful and tall.  I think she looks like a meerkat in this picture.
Here's to hoping they bring a bit of spring to your day!


Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

OOOOHHHHHHH they are sooooo adorable, Cindy! I am so happy you are giving it another go. I am praying for a long, happy healthy and successful life for them and for you.

Hugs. ♥

My Garden Diaries said...

LOVE the names!!! And I am so glad you decided after a rough fall to get some more lovelies friend! They are adorable!!! Keep us posted and do let us know how they do this spring Cindy! They melted my heart! Hope you are well too!!! Nicole xoxo

Lucille said...

They're so sweet! Hope they will do well. Love the names you picked!

June said...

Your new chicks are so cute Cindy. I love baby chicks, don't you? They just make my day. Sometimes in the spring when I go to the nearby Ranchers store here in our valley, I always have to stop and see the new baby chicks that people have ordered.
I love the names you have chosen for your babies and yes, I did catch that the two are named for the cute little ones on DA :))))
also wanted to tell you that I have been able to do some sewing this winter and got the lovely fabrics ready that you sent and am starting next on them. Thank you again so much for the gift. There is nothing I love better than sewing in the winter. We have had nothing as bad as what you have had there though, and you have certainly been on my mind and in my prayers because of your sever weather there. I hope you have spring very, very soon Cindy.
sending hugs....

Sally Somervill said...

Oh what fun! They're so sweet and what cute names. When our dog was hit by a car last year we got Miss Paisley just a few months later. She has turned out to be just the sweetest thing.
xo Sally

Stacey said...

How cute!!

Linda said...

They are absolutely precious!!! :)

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