Monday, February 25, 2013

Pretty Plates

I remember my Grandmother having lots of dishes.  My older sister, and then a younger sister carried on her tradition.  But I never understood their fascination of pretty plates until I started blogging ~ and then I made up for lost time.
Pretty plates lead to pretty linens and pretty tables . . .
photo credits:
   A Cozy Place Called Home 
  Shabby Chic Loves 
 and of course, pretty garden parties and pretty dress-up clothes.

photo credits:  
  Paris Hotel Boutique Journal
Indigo Crossing 
Shabby Chic Loves 
What is your favorite pretty thing?
Today I'm celebrating and giving thanks for all things pretty.
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unrosetoinviacerreto said...

Beautiful dishes with floral decorations.
I love the old ones with garlands of roses.

Linda said...

I love the sun shining through coloured glass vases. Individual flowers when the petals are fully open and you can look inside.

Robyn said...

I love the dishes! I too love pretty dishes but before I can bring one more thing into this house I need to get rid of my ton of stuff..

My Cottage Diary said...

Hi Cindy! You've chosen such pretty pictures for you collages. Absolutely love feminine dishes. But after inheriting many of my mother's dishes, I'm about out of space. So I mostly just drool over lovely photos like yours, and those in magazines. I'm always sorely tempted to add to my collection, though. At least blogs like yours help me enjoy all the beauty anyway! Blessings for a beautiful week! Bess

Lucille said...

I love looking at beautiful things on blogs. You collages are so beautiful! I love looking at dollhouse interiors which represent old French houses and exhibit just a touch of shabbiness but are mostly chic. I love to look at wallpaper. I love to look at dressed beds in all their variety. Lasty, I love the word "beautiful". When I see something beautiful, it's the word I like to use, never mind thinking up synonyms.

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