Thursday, February 7, 2013


grate·ful   (ˈgrātfəl)  1. feeling or expressing gratitude; thankful  

2. causing gratitude; welcome


images via Hallelujahs by Holly and  Michael & Inessa Garmash

It's easy to be grateful when we're dipping our toes in ocean water with white gulls crying over head.  But are we grateful  when we're carefully watching our steps on slippery sidewalks, or shoveling snow ~ again?  I'm learning ~ slowly learning, to give thanks in all things.
What are you grateful for today? 
Today I am especially grateful for all those who so faithfully come by to visit and for your kind comments.


Lucille said...

The older we get, the harder mornings get. Nevertheless, I know what you mean and I am grateful for what I have!

My Garden Diaries said...

Thank you for your thoughtful posts. I was just discussing with a friend today about doing more "thoughtful" acts for people I love...I'm thinking it may be my next post! Today I'm grateful for many things, one of them being this wonderful blogging community that we are a part of! Have a wonderful weekend!

Robyn said...

This is a lovely post.. I too am learning to also be grateful for the things that we usually complain about.. God is obviously pruning me in these times.. It's a slow process but Im trying..

nannykim said...

I have made one of my goal's this year to think of things I am thankful for before I get out of bed in the morning. I had found that I often had negative thoughts when I woke up--not sure why this is--perhaps it is a time of day when I am at my weakest? So this has helped so much to start my day this way. I am grateful for slow mornings that are not usually rushed!

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