Friday, November 12, 2010

Vintage Tray

I found this small vintage tray at
a few months ago and since then I am
finding uses for it all over my home.
In a previous post, it was used as the centerpiece
for a fall tablescape with a single acorn.

But today, it is all cozied up to my wing back
chair in the living room, sporting three
pine cone candles nestled in a bed of moss. 

A perfect place to cuddle up with a book or
just sit in the evening and stare into
the candlelight. 

I'm joining Debra over at Common Ground
for Vintage Friday. 



Anonymous said...

What a great piece, Cindy! I love the way you've used the tray... beautiful!
~ Jo :)

Mary Lou said...

Love that tray and the big acorn.
I used to have the dishes in the post below, even the soup tureen and still have the same blue glasses! Love your table.
Thanks for visiting me.

Debra@Common Ground said...

Love it, It's so great finding such a versatile piece. It looks wonderful with the moss and pinecones all lit up! Thanks for linking up with VIF!

Sue said...

Cool tray, Cindy. I love it w/the moss and the ginormous acorn. I think I need to check out this salvage place. I am trying to remember who posted about an antique mall in Columbus fairly recently. Did you happen to see anything about it? Or do you know of a good one? There are so few here in Dayton so I'm on the lookout. I need to get organized and bookmark things! sheesh...

Average Girl said...

very cozy Cindy! I love the ambience of the whole thing!

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Very sweet and cozy! Your trays with the moss and acorn and pinecones are beautiful! :)

A New England Life said...

So pretty! I like the pine cone candles as they're perfect for fall. You make me think a trip to Homegoods is in order today.

June said...

A beautiful find Ceekay. Not only is your house full of beauty, but it has such a coziness to it that I adore. I LOVE the upolstery on that chair!!!!!!!!

Linda said...

This is really lovely, you'll get a lot of use from that piece!

June said...

Cindy I had to come back and apologize for calling you Ceekay(although that's a pretty great name to be called if one is going to get your name wrong). Ceekay had just e-mailed me, so I had the name on my brain.
I, however still feel badly that I did it. After I hit the post comment button, I knew I had got it wrong, and then Dale came in and I didn't make it back to write this.
Hugs to you from here...

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Oh, this looks so gorgeously cosy. If you don't mind, I'd love to join you for a cup of hot chocolate with a magazine!


French Hen Farm said...

Beautiful Blog!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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