Thursday, March 31, 2011

What to Do?

I need your advice.  I found these darling sweet little
Haviland Limoges teacup saucers at Goodwill last week.
Twenty of them to be exact ~ only no teacups.  Each one was
sweeter than the next and I couldn't pick between them, so I bought
them all.
 They have no pattern names on the back ~ just Haviland France ~ Limoges.
Nearly every one is different with the most delicate scalloped edges.

I want to sell them at my Open House, but I'm not sure how to use
them to their best potential and I need your advice.
Here are a few of the ideas that I have had.
Here I have coupled one with a sweet glass dish and votive candle.
I was thinking of also setting the candle in some loose lavender flowers.

To this saucer, I've added a small glass coaster and large pillar candle.

The typical plate rack display.  This plate is my favorite and is a keeper.

I found an inexpensive tea cup to add to this saucer.  I think they make
a cute couple, but they are definitely not on the same level socially.

And last of all, I've added a glass votive cup and candle.

  I could sell them as they are on Etsy ~ somewhere out there are the
missing teacups.  But without their pattern names, I have no idea of their real value.
So what do you think?  Any advice is appreciated.
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Boo Hoo

Will it never end? 

Will spring ever come?

Will the forsythia ever bloom?

Will the daffodils ever smile on us?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

White on White

Sharing today some of the whites I've collected for my Open House.
Most of the items in these pictures came from Goodwill and 
were collected over time.  The two candlesticks were purchased at
an antique mall, but everything else is from my newest favorite store.
The pedestal birdhouse I posted about earlier this week and is
making it's appearance here again.

These sweet little teacups are white on white perfection and
I was planning on selling them with  a violet planted in them. 

Here is a closer look at the candlesticks and a small daisy 
arrangement I made.

And last is the stack of white dinner plates I'm collecting.  I was thinking
of either letting customers pick through them or packaging them up with
pretty ribbon in sets of four, each plate a different pattern.  I have always 
wanted to set a table of white dishes, all in different patterns.
If you were buying, would you prefer to pick your own or buy a pretty
packaged set?

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Thrifting Weekend

It was a thrifting weekend for me.  I started with the Scott's
Antique Market which was in town for the last time until November.  
From there, I went to Goodwill.  Then on the way to an out of town
birthday party, my sister found a couple more antique stores to visit and
I ended the weekend with a stop at another Goodwill yesterday.  
I found things at every place I went, but just wanted to share a couple
today.  This is a lovely round vintage table cloth with cross-stitch.

My sister noticed it and talked me into it, so it's all her fault, but  I'm so glad she did
because I just love it now.  I have a nice collection of aqua things to sell
at the Open House, so it will make a nice piece to display them on.  It is
very simple, which is what I like, and has a nice edge to it.

I grouped it with some aqua plates that I'll be selling and some fabric
I bought at JoAnn's to make matching napkins out of.  I love the colors in
this little print and it has a vintage look to it while being new.

Lastly I added a vintage turquoise Ball jar which I picked up this weekend.
I already have a nice collection of them to sell, but this one has a
rusty handle on it, making it a little more unique.

Sorry ~ faux flowers again ~ still nothing much blooming here yet.

I think aqua is fast becoming my new favorite color, right after pink.
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Birdhouse Makeovers

I wanted to share some makeovers I did with candle holders and 
bird houses.  I can't take credit for the idea ~ I did get it from another
blog, but unfortunately, I can't remember whose it was.
Here is the bird house and candlestick holder as purchased.

The bird house came from Michael's and the candlestick holder is metal
and came from Goodwill.
The first thing I did was stain them both dark.  The metal of course wouldn't
take the stain, so I just "painted it on" so to speak.  Not something I would
recommend or do again since it took weeks for it to thoroughly dry.

When the stain was finally dry, I painted both white, distressed them,
and then glued them together.

This bird house I've had for some time.  All I did was restain the 
wood parts, distress it and attach it to another Goodwill candle stick.


Although these pedestal bird houses are headed for my Open House,
for now they make a lovely spring vignette  for my mantel when 
accompanied by pussy willows and a little nest.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Beauties

Spring seems very slow coming to Ohio this year, or maybe
I'm just being impatient.  Even the forsythia seem to be  reluctant
to show their color.  It has been cold this week with temps only in
the 30's and 40's and a touch of snow every now and then, but
these little beauties were brave enough to show their sweet faces.

I planted these bulbs years ago and every year I find some in new
places.  I don't think it's because they are propagating, but because the
squirrels are digging them up and moving them.  Now, I've never
really caught them in the act, but I know I didn't plant them in the grass.

And I know I didn't plant them with the roses either.

I used to dig them up and move them back to the flower beds, but
I gave up on that some time ago.  I have chosen simply to
enjoy these sweet things where ever I find them.

Maybe this is where the expression "bloom where you are planted"
comes from.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Goodwill Tableware

  All three pieces of today's table setting were found on separate
occassions at local Goodwill stores in town.
I picked up the blue salad plates first just because they
were so versatile.  Next, I found the cute chicken soup bowls.  I think
the little side handles make them unique and what I like most about them.

Last week I found the gold dinner plates which were a perfect match
and completed the set.  The blue goblets were found last summer
at a yard sale.

It's amazing what a cute table you can set on a budget with Goodwill finds. 
Maybe not exactly a spring tablescape, but cheerful just the same.
Perfect setting for some home-made chicken soup.
Sorry for the poor quality pictures, it was getting ready to storm
here and the lighting was not so good.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Wonder of Whites

I wanted to share a few white things I found Sunday at the
first Springfield Flea Market of the year.  I wasn't going to make the trip
out of town for just a few vendors, but my daughter was down
in the dumps, so to cheer her, we made the drive which gave us time to talk.
I wasn't expecting to find anything, but I found three lovely white
items I just couldn't wait any longer to share.
First I found these two white metal terrarium~type containers.

They will both be for sale at my Open House, but I'm having trouble  
deciding if I should sell them empty or place something inside.
Any suggestions?
I think the tall one would look lovely with a plant inside or a tall
pillar candle.  The ring on the top allows it to be hung and would
be so beautiful hanging on a porch or deck on a summer night.

 The other container doesn't have a door that opens making it
slightly harder to fill, but would also look nice with something spilling
out of it.

It also matches fairly well another container I found at Goodwill
some time back.  Don't they make lovely companions?

The third great find at the flea market is an absolute delight to me and has
been in every picture so far.  Did you notice it?
It's the nubby white bedspread that I purchased for only $12.
I may use it as a tablecloth for display purposes or eventually cut it
up and make pillows.  I actually haven't even spread it out yet to
see if it has any stains, but I just love it.

I think it's dreamy and love it's texture, but I don't need it for a bed.  I
think it is one of my best and favorite finds so far and something 
that is definitely a "keeper".
I have lots of white things to sell at the Open House and there is nothing 
prettier than a grand mixture of white textures.  So for now ~ it will be
used as a backdrop for all the lovely whites I have.
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