Friday, June 27, 2014

Seaside Style

If you're anything like me, you love spending time at the beach in the summertime.  When I lived in Maryland, it was only a 3 hour trip to the ocean, but now that I live in Ohio, it's a much longer trip.  
If you can't get to the sea, then invite the sea and sun into your home with accessories that bring the waves right up to your toes.
My office (our smallest bedroom) is where I escape to the sea . . . and accessories are everything.  From sea-colored pillows with nautical stripes and sailboats . . .
 to a beautiful blue chenille bedspread that I use as a throw on the sofa.
Beach decor can come in many colors, but I chose to keep my palette to blues and white because they are such crisp colors and yet calming.
One of my favorite items in my office is the lifeguard chair lamp that is near the sofa.
Seashells are another necessity and I use them in varied ways all over the room . . .
and blue glass . . . 
This lovely item is a candlestick I found on clearance that looks like it came from the sea with a large piece of coral that I glued onto the top of it.  It's textures are exquisite.
On top of the armoir is a collection of odds and ends that speak 
to me of the wind and waves.
Even the lovely blue and white sheers speak 
of  ocean breezes when they blow in the wind . . .
When I'm in this room . . . I am free to dream.
No matter how far you live from the shore . . . you can always dream of the sea.
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Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Oops I mentioned the lake in the post before this one.

Sorry, I thought I was on the sea one.

I love that room and there is nothing more refreshing and summery than blue and white - your decor is awesome!

My Garden Diaries said...

Oh wow....Your room is so pretty friend! I am a lover of the sea as well and being in a room like that would just put me at ease! The blue glass is so are your vignettes! And that little lifeguard chair is awesome! A job well done on bring the sea to you!!! Wishing you a beautiful weekend! Nicole xoxo

Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

I love the beach too and do not get a chance to visit it much. Our bedroom is blue and I have some beach things in it.

Lucille said...

What an absolutely gorgeous room! It's colours are so calming and the accessories so beautiful! You have amazing pieces! I wish I had such a room to dream in! Also, you are such a good writer! I love how you describe everything so perfectly!

Linda said...

A beautifully thought-out sea-themed room. I'm sure it's inspiring to work on ideas for your projects there.

Judy Hartman said...

Your office/Dream room takes me immediately to the sea, Cindy. What a fresh, inviting space. I am so impressed by your decorating talent!

Leslie Harris said...

Cindy these are some wonderful tips. You're room looks so fresh and pretty with all the blue and creamy whites. I didn't know you used to live at the beach, if you're ever in southern California you're always welcome here. Lots of beach near me and we can hang out :)

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