Monday, August 6, 2012

A Young Entrepreneur

I was taking Moby for his daily walk around the block this evening when I came across this young entrepreneur.
His name is James and as you can see, he was selling flowers.  As I came around the park to where he was standing, he asked me if I wanted to buy any flowers.  I told him I didn't have any money with me, and I asked him if he was selling flowers from his Mother's garden.  He said he had grown them himself and I was impressed with this young man.  Even Moby thought they were pretty and stopped to take a sniff.

I don't usually buy flowers in the summer since I have them in my gardens, but as Moby and I walked home, I decided I'd go back with my $5 and buy a jar of these pretty zinnias.  There was something about the boy and the zinnias that deeply touched my heart.
Well ~ let me say ~ I've never spent a better $5.  I put them in my turquoise canning jar and set them on the table of my screened porch.  I used three layers of linens underneath them and they made me smile.

And as I kept smiling, I kept snapping pictures.  I couldn't seem to stop ~ so I hope you enjoy these pretty zinnias as much as I am.

So sweet ~ so summer.

Who can explain why something so simple makes your heart sing and feel like all is right in the world?

Since the weather is a little cooler and I get to work from home tomorrow, I think I'll park myself out here with my laptop and enjoy the sights and sounds of summer.

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Anonymous said...

I fell in love with zinnias this summer, my first time ever growing them. Yours are just gorgeous, what a sweet boy to raise those and sell them. Have a wonderful day tomorrow outside with your flowers and the wonder outdoor sounds. Mary

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

How awesome.

Who knows, Cindy, perhaps he will one day own a nursery or flower shoppe. Glad you went back, that's just too cool.

Pat said...

Ahh, that was sweet. And to get a kid away from tech. gadgets and outside doing something is remarkable. Good for you for encouraging him. You know he will remember selling flowers all his life.

Trisha said...

What a little sweetheart with an incredible business mind! I would have bought flowers from him too! Very pretty!


erin said...

such a simple and lovely story you have shared, of a boy who grows and sells his own flowers!! and of you, who took the time to go back and buy from him...i think those flowers have made both of you happy today...and me too.


Gone Country said...

What a lovely post! How inspiring to see a young kid with initiative. I'm so happy you went back and bought some flowers from him and are going to enjoy them!

Debby said...

What a cute and smart boy. Glad you went home to get the money. I wonder if he arranged them as well.
Your pictures are so nice.

Sharon said...

What a good kid! I think it's not just the flowers that make your heart sing, it's also how you acquired them. However, they are very lovely! Zinnias usually last a long time too!

Anonymous said...

Cindy what pretty pictures of your wonderful porch and those wonderful zinnias! Mine haven't started blooming yet.

So sweet of you to buy someflowers from James. I know you made his day!

bee blessed

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I have enjoyed browsing your beautiful blog! This story about the boy selling flowers is so sweet, glad you bought them from him!


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