Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Simple Elegance

I was trying to find something to put on my outdoor table without spending any money.  Something I already had around the house that I could find a new use for.  Annual flowers don't work as I haven't found one yet that my chickens don't love to eat.
While in the garden the other day, I noticed my dill had grown so tall and floppy, and was laying on the ground. 
Since it's flower heads are so beautiful, I decided it would 
make a beautiful centerpiece for the table.
So, I took three clear canning jars and filled them with cut dill flowers, and what 
a simple and elegant centerpiece they made.
Maybe I should have used my aqua canning jars since the clear ones blend in so much with the glass table top, but for now, this will do.
I love the chartreuse color of not only the wrought 
iron furniture, but of the dill heads.
Such exquisite beauty.
I didn't have time to set a pretty table since it started to rain, but maybe when I do, I will change to the aqua jars and use my aqua and chartreuse melamine dishes.  Until then, I will just enjoy them as they are and smile every time I see them.
Hope you're enjoying some summer dining.
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Lucille said...

A beautiful combination of the dill flowers and your chartreuse set. The canning jars make the scene look so home sweet home! I love it! Speaking of dining, I don't know if you're interested, but yesterday I found the most delicious beefless burger patties made by gardein. Do you have that product in the States? Honest, they are so good that I had a big juicy hamburger for supper last night, one for lunch today and another one for supper tonight. I have only one patty left and you bet that I'm going out tomorrow to pick up a half a dozen packs. I only got one pack in case I did not like them. They are cholesterol free, of course, and each patty has 16 grams of protein and very rich in iron and the B vitamins which is good for me since I am anemic. I'm so happy I discovered them. It's hard sometimes to be a beginning vegan. I've only been vegan since last September. It's so nice to have something handy in the freezer that I can just make at a moment's notice.

My Garden Diaries said...

I tell you what.... Everything is perfect as it is!!!! My goodness Cindy! That is the prettiest centerpiece for the summer and you are so right! Such beautiful simple elegance! Wishing you a weekend full of goodness!!! Nicole xo

Leslie Harris said...

Cindy I love the dill as a centerpiece. It's light and airy and the shade of lime green looks wonderful with your fabric, what a great idea. I love how creative we can be when we focus on using what we already have. Simply lovely!

Sally Somervill said...

So pretty, Cindy. The dill blooms are gorgeous and I love how you arranged them! It's a happy looking centerpiece and perfect for Summer. Have a great weekend!
Sally @cottagefix

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

They really are magnificent, Cindy!

Decor To Adore said...

Oh I love dill. Love to eat it and now I will have to decorate with it!

Enjoy your summer day!

Linda said...

The simplest ideas are often the best when you chose favourite colour combinations to create an informal table decoration. Love the lime green feathery dill heads to match your garden decking seats.

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