Saturday, May 24, 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Everything is growing well thanks to lots of rain and sunny days.  The lettuce 
greens are growing best, but they got an earlier start.
Going to make my first salad tomorrow.  There is nothing like fresh 
veggies from your own garden.
 The tomatoes are slowly coming along too.
 The smell in my back yard is heavenly.  I have huge honeysuckle trees that are abundantly loaded with blooms. The wisteria and lilacs didn't bloom this year, but there are plenty of other beautiful blooms.

Last summer I grew strawberries in this three-tiered planter, but the harsh winter did them in, so I opted for begonias this year instead.  The bottom plant has fewer blossoms because the chickens think begonias are a treat I planted just for them.  So far they've eaten my petunias, begonias and marigolds.  Still trying to find an annual they won't eat.  I had to put netting around the bottom layer so the begonias would survive to bloom another day.

My favorite thing to do is to sit in the garden, visit with my chickens, 
and smell the heavenly air . . .

. . . especially when the weather is gloriously beautiful.



My Garden Diaries said...

Hi Friend!!!! Your garden is beautiful!!!!! I wish that I could sit right there with you and take in those heavenly smells! I love that three tiered planter! Everything is so beautiful, green and lush! And your veggies!!! YUM! They look amazing! I would say your garden grows fantastically!!! Enjoy every second (as I know you are!) Of this amazing season!!! Happy gardening! Nicole xoxo

Leslie Harris said...

Wow, what a lovely garden. I wish I could see more of your fence, it adds such a charming element to your space.

Linda said...

I would enjoy sitting in your garden. It looks so inviting! No wonder your chickens love it too! I admire your white guelder rose bush and your beautiful tiered baskets of begonias as well as loving the restful colour of your painted garden chairs.

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

You have an absolutely charming garden! I bet everything is growing like crazy! I know there's lots of work to be done, but I hope you are getting a chance to enjoy the view!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Happy to feature you at our Garden Party this morning! Hope you come back and share with us again!

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