Sunday, January 12, 2014

Turning Over a New Leaf

New Year's resolutions are hard to keep and to be honest, I rarely stick with
 one of them long enough for it to become a habit or life style change.  
But every year I try again, because to stop trying is to stop growing.
I am coming to grips with the very real fact that if I don't start taking better care 
of my health and my body, it's not going to take care of me.  
Getting older can be such a pain ~ literally.
So I planned out a two-week menu of healthy meals and headed to the grocery store.  As I was putting the food away, I realized how beautiful the textures and colors are and couldn't help but snap a few pictures.
My body will probably go into shock eating all these beautiful fruits and vegetables, but eventually it will repay my efforts with more energy. 
We take our health for granted until we don't have it anymore. Once again I'm trying to turn over a new leaf with lots of leafy vegetables, fruit, water, and exercise.  So up on the menu for lunch today is a wonderful kale salad with pomegranate seeds, avocado, and hard-boiled eggs.

Even my chickens get fed fresh kale and cabbage every week.  
  It's pitiful that I feed them healthier than I feed myself. 
Is anyone else trying to improve their eating habits this year?
 I just wish it wasn't so expensive to eat healthy.


Debby said...

Pretty pictures. Hope I can find some of those yummy strawberries. I am trying to do the same thing this year....better health, fruits and veggies and water. I so agree, wish it was cheaper. I also buy gluten free products and that's expensive. Good luck.

My Garden Diaries said...

I am cheering you on all the way friend!!!! Yes!! I am making a conscious effort to eat greens for lunch, drinking more wAter, vitamins, flossing and moving more....because like you said we need to take care of ourselves! And yes those shots just show how beautiful real food is!!!!! Good for you!!! Much health to you! Nicole

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Cindy...we are doing the same thing here at our house too. It's all about the numbers it seems as we grow older and that does include the price of the healthier food. I wish you good luck. Beautiful photos of the veggies!
Hugs, Patti

Linda@arichtapestry said...

We ate lots of salad and fresh fruit over the holiday period as an alternative to rich food and I want to keep that up this new year. We're also using our home made fruit preserves so that we get plenty of vitimin C. All the best with your eating plan!

Lucille said...

Hi Cindy! It's expensive to eat healthy if you mean buying organic fruit and vegetables all the time. Otherwise, I don't find it all that bad. I try to buy organic when it comes to kale, shard, and other greens because they spray them so heavily. I adore a kale salad and eat it mostly every day. I always have two salads a day. I have been eating like this for decades. That kale salad you made sounds perfectly delicious! Since last September, I have gone vegan and let me tell you, I feel so wonderful. No longer do I get up from the table feeling full like I did after a meat and potato meal. Anyways, you might try going vegetarian since you seem to like your eggs so much. Try it once a week. The internet is filled with vegetarian recipes and there are so many vegetarian blogs out there. There are fantastic vegetarian recipes on You Tube. Just look at them and see what you think. Google The Frugal Chef. She has amazingly easy vegetarian and vegan recipes and she has a lot of them on you tubes. You can print them from her site and even join her newsletter. Her recipes are so simple and really, really frugal. You would be pleasantly surprised. The reason I became a vegan is that someone sent me a link to The Earthlings and after watching it, I was so shocked by what I had seen that I knew I would never again be able to eat meat. I mean, I don't even crave it. Well, anyways, I do hope you visit The Frugal Chef.

Suzanne said...

Hi Cindy, You are not alone obviously! Your photos are a great reminder that our "materials" for each meal should look this colorful and tempting.
I love kale. I planted several varieties this fall and hope to start harvesting some greens by spring!
Best wishes,

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

We've been trying to eat healthy here, for a few months. We buy most of our foods from a Healthy Living Store, where you can be sure of finding organically grown things... Both produce and meats.

I say we only eat happy cows and chickens now. :-)

Yes, it can be more expensive. But if one buys what they consume, it isn't so much. Because I think that many people buy much more than they use, and throw some out, but don't notice that cost.

Best of luck to you, in your project! We all need to take better care of our bod. Where else will we "live," if it gives out on us, hu? :-)


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