Friday, March 1, 2013

Fabulous Friday

Winter just doesn't want to loosen it's grip here in Ohio. 
Another weekend forecast for cold temps and intermittent snow.
image credits:
Mar TinE 
Au pays des merveilles 
Todays Wanderings 
What is one to do except cozy up with warm socks, mittens,
and hot chocolate?
 image credits:
Middle Child Complex 
Inspiration Lane 
But hey ~ it's March 1st today ~ and it's Friday.  
Can spring be far away?  
image sources:
Colonial Williamsburg Photography 
Moonlight Rainbow 
Let's celebrate ~ it's fabulous Friday.
Wishing all who visit a warm and wonderful weekend.   


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I like your positive attitude! I am more than a little tired of winter, but we have to look at the bright side, right? Might as well cozy up one more time! After all if Spring starts to show its head the following weekend,and it is suppose to from what I am seeing, then we may not have not many more cozy weekends?? Have a good one Cindy! ~Hugs, Patti

Lucille said...

Well, as I've told you often, I am a winter lover. So, it can last as long as it wants because I am not looking forward to the dog days of summer. I could never be positive about that. I do love the beautiful days of spring, however!

SouthernHeart said...

Love the photos and the inspiration! LOL! Lucille, you are welcome to come here where, once again, huge flakes of white are falling down! I am not a Summer lover, but I can't wait until Spring.


Martina said...

So wishing for spring as well - but hey, let's enjoy winter while it lasts!
I have a great giveaway up and running - win a pair of designer-eyeglasses - come and have a look! Cheers to a lovely weekend!

My Garden Diaries said...

We have the same cold here in Chicago! I love the warm pics you have!! Makes me feel so cozy...and the spring pictures are gorgeous!!! Jave a wonderful weekend!!!

Linda said...

A lovely post. Keep warm and have a good weekend!

Beth said...

Beautiful images! Love the header photo too, and the post you did on the couple in England. Have a wonderful week!

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