Saturday, January 19, 2013

I Think it's a Sign

Have you noticed that berries are getting less expensive in the grocery stores lately?  I think it's a sign that spring is just around the corner.  Or, at the very least, it's spring somewhere and fresh fruit is on its way to market at affordable prices again.
I never pay more than than $2 a pound for strawberries and I found them last week for $1.66.  That can only mean one thing at my house ~ berries on oatmeal, berries in smoothies,  berries on ice cream, and anything else I can think of.
 images via jelanie, catch my party, martha stewart, cowparsley
This week they have blackberries 10 for $10.  So soon, I'm off to the grocery store to pick up some for eating and some to freeze.
 images via tumblr, michaelkhong, kitchen corners, cupcakes garden 
I try to eat as much fresh fruit as I can, especially when it is affordable ~ not only because it's healthy, but just because I love it.
 Have a berry happy weekend. 


Sharing Shadymont said...

Oh yes, I love fresh berries! Especially strawberries! Beautiful photos you've shared.

Thanks for your visit!

Lucille said...

I always eat berries by themselves. I never cook them or make deserts with them. I love strawberries and I enjoy them often in a green salad with balsamic vinaigrette!

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