Monday, October 25, 2010

Goodwill Goodies

I made an unplanned, quick stop at Goodwill
the other evening and came home with a boatload
of dishes.  I would normally feel somewhat
guilty about buying more dishes, but wait 
until you see what I got for just $22.

To start off with, all this glassware.

Then I scarfed up four dinner plates in both
solid green and blue.

Next I found these lovely hand-painted
dishes called "French Iris".

These I can mix and match with the blue dinner plates.

And last of all, I got this nice container that I have already
used to make a Thanksgiving centerpiece.  It was
only $.99.  But more about the centerpiece
in a later post.

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Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Hi there-
great scores on ALL those dishes!! I love the little container and handpainted plates!! Great finds!! :)

Anonymous said...

You found some really great finds.The container will make a great centerpiece for thanksgiving.Filled with some beautiful fall flowers.


erin said...

great finds...can't wait to see the center piece!

EG Wow said...

Great bargains!

Sue said...

Your GW apparently has better stuff than ours, Cindy! How fun to find plates that you can mix n match with the French Iris pattern. I need to get out and find some goodies this Thursday. Hope there are some yard sales going on.
~ Sue

High Street Cottage said...

I love GoodWill, honestly it's been a constant in my life since the age of 8. You have found some beautiful treasures, they look brand new too! GoodWill in my area and most often sell new items donated from Target. Your blue and green plates look like some of their items as well as the lovely urn type pot. Well done.

High Street Cottage said...

I forgot to say, thank you for stopping by the High Street Cottage and for your lovely comment. It's very much appreciated!

Sandi said...

You would love my goodwill Cindy! They always have GOBS of dishes! I really need a huge house to house everything I like!! HA HA!!

French-Kissed said...

Thrift stores are my favorite shopping venue. You made quite a haul and I think the urn well be perfect for a Thanksgiving centerpiece. Thanks for stopping by FK. I am delighted to meet you and to discover your blog.


Mary said...

Hi Cindy, Thank you for following my blog! I love Goodwill and you did a great job on your shopping haul! I really like your blog and I'm your newest follower too. God bless, Mary@Boogieboard Cottage :O)

Jenny said...

Score! Great purchases :)

I'm excited to read more of your posts!!!

Thanks for visiting and leaving your sweet comment -- I didn't even know about Sarah Richardson using the same plates. If you check it out, I mentioned your comment and link to your blog as inspiration for my post today. Hope you can visit!


Debbie said...

Every time I read about wonderful scores like this from GW, I do a little pout. Ours never has good stuff, and even the semi good stuff is usually over priced.

Grumble over.

I think you got some wonderful things! I love those handpainted dishes!

BTW, I laughed at your story of picking the cotton and being afraid of the southern sheriffs.
That was so funny. You probably should have been more afraid of the southern farmer. Grin.

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